Bulk SMS Software – Professional

Bulk Sms-Professional

Professional bulk SMS software is developed for sending bulk text messages to multiple numbers of mobile users from computer using Windows or GSM technology based mobiles. Mobile messaging program can broadcast business campaigns, greetings, notifications, invitations, share market updates, product launching details and other personalized SMS around the world in few easy steps. SMS gateway application provides delay delivery option to control load of bulk SMS broadcasting over worldwide location. SMS sender program successfully delivers group text messages over national or global mobile network without requiring any internet connection. Text messaging application can forward group SMS in any text format and saves sent text messages details to templates for future references. SMS broadcasting program provides option to skip duplicate contact number entries during bulk text messages sending procedure.

GSM Mobile
Bulk SMS Software for GSM Mobile Phones

This edition of bulk text messaging software is compatible with all major GSM technology based mobile phones. Software allows users to send thousands of text messages from PC via GSM mobile phones.

Android mobile Device
Bulk SMS Software for Android Mobile Phones

Bulk SMS messaging apps for android can send bulk text messages from laptop or computer via android technology based mobile phones devices.

USB Modem Software
Bulk SMS Software - Multi USB Modem

Bulk SMS software for USB modem is specially developed for users who want to send number of text messages over worldwide location. You can easily connect number of USB modems with your PC and send unlimited text messages to your global customers through bulk SMS software.

Pocket PC to Mobile Software
Bulk SMS Software for Pocket PC to Mobile

Pocket PC SMS sender software is specially developed for pocket PC users who want to send bulk numbers of text messages from pocket PC device.

Multi Mobile
Bulk SMS Software Multi Mobile

SMS broadcasting software is useful mobile marketing solution to deliver single or number of text messages from your GSM technology based cell phones connected with PC.

Blackberry phone device
Bulk SMS Software for BlackBerry Mobile Phones

BlackBerry mobile text messaging software allows you to send bulk numbers of text messages from computer by the help of blackberry mobiles. Connect your blackberry cell phones with PC and send bulk text messages.

window based mobile phone
Bulk SMS Software for Windows based Mobile Phones

This SMS application for Windows mobiles will help you to send large number of text messages from computer or laptop device via Windows based mobile phones.

Professional Bundle
Bulk SMS Professional Bundle

Buy bulk SMS Professional bundle (which includes Bulk SMS Software-Professional + Pocket PC to Mobile SMS Software) and get huge discount on software purchase.

Mac Bulk SMS Software


MAC Bulk SMS provides most convenient way to send multiple numbers of text messages from android, GSM technology based mobile phones or USB Modems. MAC bulk SMS messaging software quickly broadcast thousands of text messages instantly. Now you can easily connect with different people by broadcasting bulk SMS.